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Husky Allegedly Abandoned in Johor Apartment For 2 Months, Suspected to Have Survived On Its Own Faeces



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Dogs are mankind’s best friend and everyone knows that! They know when we’re sad, and then they try to cheer us up with their silly antics. that’s why it’s really hard to understand why some people have the heart to abuse their own pets.

A husky was left in a studio apartment in Johor by its owner for 2 months and was only found on 1st August, Oriental Daily reported on 5th August.

It was suspected that the dog survived by eating its own faeces for 2 months until the landlord of the apartment came to check on the property on 1st August! Poor baby! The landlord then took to Facebook to call out the woman who had rented the apartment previously.

Posted by Huro Jun on Wednesday, July 31, 2019

She soon responded by saying that she did not abandon her dog there, but came over to feed the dog every 3 days. She also said that the accusations were unfounded because she did not “starve the dog.”

She said that 3 days before the landlord went to the apartment, she had asked her friend to go and feed the husky, but they did not manage to clean the dog faeces. So when the landlord opened the door, the scene that they saw caused some misunderstanding. But you still left it cooped up!

The landlord along with another person (presumably the person who wants to rent the unit) who went to the unit revealed that when they opened the door, they heard the dog whining for help.

They then took the dog to the vet, who said that the dog only weighs 12kg and because of long-term starvation, the dog is now suffering from malnutrition and anaemia.

Source: Facebook

The landlord has decided to adopt the husky and changed his name from Chou Chou (Smelly) to Qiang Qiang (Strong).

That evening (still 1st August), the woman told the story of how she first decided to adopt the husky. She said she found it 5 years ago when it was dying. She decided to adopt it and because of the dog’s limbs, vets have said that it was better for the dog to not weigh over 15kg. So over time, the weight of the dog was maintained at 15KG. Since there was a pregnant woman at home, she had placed the dog in the apartment “for safety reasons.”

Source: Facebook

However, netizens are still divided and have argued that the amount of faeces inside the house could not be only 3 days worth.

Since then, her family members have said that it was very irresponsible for the woman to have done what she did. She also warned others that these comments might not be good for the woman’s mental health. They will pursue things in court if there is any more hate speech or harassment.

Source: Facebook

Let’s hope that the dog will now be able to live a comfortable life with its new owner and let this be a lesson to the woman.


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