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“I can’t speak sweet words” Man In China Builds ‘Island’ To Win Ex-Girlfriend Back But Fails



Source: People's Daily

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A man tried to win his ex-girlfriend back by using his savings to build an ISLAND for her, however, his enormous gesture proved unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the island became a scenic and popular romantic spot for young lovers.

Surnamed Xu, the 30-year-old man from Guangdong, China, had broken up with his girlfriend last year.

At that time, Xu wanted to take care of his elderly parents and decided to find a job at his hometown in Hetou village, Jiulong town, in Yingde of Qingyuan city. However, his girlfriend’s home was in the city and her parents had opposed the idea of her living in the countryside, leading to the couple’s break up, reported a Chinese daily.

Feeling heartbroken, Xu went back to his hometown where he spent hundreds of thousands of yuan to transform an islet that covered about 20 to 30 square metres of an area in the village that used to be a small piece of wasteland.

He hired local villagers to help him build an arch bridge leading to the island and planted a large peach tree and a swing at the centre of the island. Additionally, he grew peach trees and cherry trees as a symbol of love, according to classical Chinese literary works. He also grew pink muhly grass along a heart-shaped stone path about 40 metres long.

Xu started building the island in December 2020 and completed the project at the end of January 2021.

“It is an ideal place for photography,” he said, referring to the backdrop of white clouds and mountains on a clear day, which forms a stunning view.

After learning of what Xu did for her, Xu’s ex-girlfriend was very moved. However, she still declined him and said, “Thank you for your sincere dedication. You will find someone better than me.”

Although Xu couldn’t have his ex-girlfriend back, he said he didn’t regret what he did. He said that he was sincere in his actions and that was enough.

“Although I am not good at expressing, I can’t speak sweet words, but I wish her a better partner.”

“I am a Pisces, and Pisces is a romantic person,” he said, adding that he is a relatively introverted person and is not good at expressing. He believes that practical actions are far better than verbal communication.

Unexpectedly, what was intended to rekindle a lost flame became a popular scenic spot for other young couples to make marriage proposals and take wedding photos, according to People’s Daily.

“Though the island failed to bring a happy ending to my love story, it has seen the love between other people bloom,” Xu said.

“In this regard, I think I’ve done something good.”

Currently, the island is open to the public for free and welcomes tourists from near and far, according to an official in the village.

How far would you go to win the heart of someone you love?


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Source: CCWB

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