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“I don’t want to please other people” Woman Marries Herself After Breakup With Boyfriend



Source: Megan Taylor Morrisson

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We’ve heard many stories of people marrying themselves but a 35-year-old American woman named Megan Taylor gave us a full breakdown of what a self-marriage is really like.

For the longest time ever, Megan, a life coach, had wanted a spooky Halloween wedding with her boyfriend. However, before that fate could come, she and her boyfriend broke up. Undeterred, she forged on with the wedding without her groom, but with her one true love, herself.


She booked a beautiful Airbnb in Colorado and invited her 10 closest family and friends to her wedding on 8 November 2020. At first, she was very uncomfortable with the idea of self-marriage, according to her blog.

“What would people think if I married myself? Was it selfish to have an entire non-birthday celebration dedicated to just me? Would people think I was compensating for not being married?”

Each step of the wedding planning made her more comfortable with the idea and when the fated day came, she pampered herself and revelled in all the love and positive vibes that were present on that day. She bought her own ring and wrote her own vows,

“My wish for us is to continue our journey of self-love and self-actualization, to go beyond people pleasing and create a life perfectly aligned with our values.”

“I promise I will continue to love you, CHOOSE to love you in the difficult moments and cultivate my relationship with you so that it becomes richer, deeper, more fun and more kind.”

The pinnacle of the event was when Megan was presented with a mirror so that she could kiss “herself”. She ended her blog post by saying,

“Marrying yourself DOES NOT mean that:

  • You’re selfish
  • You’re single
  • You’re recovering from heartbreak
  • You can’t celebrate in the same way you would a wedding to someone else (i.e. cake, invitations, vows, etc…)
  • People will think you are over-the-top, ridiculous, or unreasonable

What marrying yourself DOES mean is:

  • You’re ready for a new level of self-love
  • You’ll get to see who among your friends is up for supporting you at an awesome new level
  • You can prioritise yourself in a wonderful way
  • You get to have a beautiful ring!”

We wish Megan all the best in her journey of self-love! We also believe that self-love can go a long way in transforming your quality of life and worldview. 

The information in this article is used with permission from the original source.


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