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“I Know What It Feels Like to Be Poor,” PH Seri Setia Candidate Tears Up During Press Con



"I Know What It Feels Like to be Poor," PKR Seri Setia Candidate Tears Up During Press Conference - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Star

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As the Seri Setia and Balakong by-elections draw closer, candidates are gearing up to win enough votes for a parliamentary seat to represent this constituency. In the midst of campaigning, however, it appears that some tension has built up between the two Seri Setia candidates during the run-up to the election.

According to The Star, PAS candidate Dr Halimah Ali recently dismissed Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate Halimey Abu Bakar’s “local boy” campaign motto, calling it outdated. This remark appeared to have hurt Halimey, who has worked in the Seri Setia constituency for years.

Source: NST

He told reporters at a press conference earlier today (6th September),

“Yes, I’m a local boy, I grew up in a squatter area – so what? I know what it feels like to be poor. I’m a son of a hawker in a pasar malam.”

“I remember the times my father only managed to make RM20 in an entire day just to put food on our table.”

Tearing up at the press conference, he continued,

Now it’s my turn to help my neighbourhood, and my people. I admit that I’m a setinggan (squatter) boy. I know how hard life is.”

“When I was a councillor, I helped a lot, I provided facilities for the people of Seri Setia. Dr Halimah isn’t even a Seri Setia voter, she hasn’t contributed anything to this constituency.”

Source: The Star

In light of the upcoming election, the PAS candidate also wanted to take part in a live debate televised on Astro Awani with Halimey, but he did not agree to participate because he never received an official invitation from Astro. However, Dr Halimah claimed she received an official invite and implied that the PH candidate was afraid to debate with her.

Well, all drama aside, let’s hope the upcoming by-election this Saturday (8th September) will be carried out fairly and transparently. Don’t forget to go out and vote if you’re registered under this constituency! Every vote counts!


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