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“I love myself!” Man Marries Himself After Fiancée Breaks Off Engagement



Source: Instagram

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This Brazilian doctor may have just become the patron god for single people everywhere!

Dr Diogo Rabelo is going viral for his wholesomeness after indulging in a marriage ceremony with himself attended by his family and loved ones. The 33-year-old had his beautiful wedding ceremony at a resort in Itacaré, Bahia, where he exchanged vows with himself in front of guests and followed all the rituals.

According to Indian Express, Rabelo decided to have his wedding that costs approximately  350,000 BRL (RM268,335.07) after his fiancee broke off their engagement in July after a series of fights.

Turning that negativity into something positive, Rabelo had the ceremony for himself and even said “I do” to himself in front of a mirror. In a series of Instagram posts, he said “that whoever wants to be with you will be”.

“The good thing about marrying you is that there are no protocols! You have the freedom to have fun any way you want, and am I wrong? “

Despite the circumstances of his marriage, Rabelo harbours no hard feelings towards his ex and even said that he still respects him because he wants him to be free to do wherever you want and go wherever he wants.

“We dreamed of this moment, it was meant to be the big day of our lives. We even played like it was our ‘secret place’ but in the middle of the way, you preferred to stay and let me go alone. Here I am, honouring my word,” he said in his Instagram post.

Rabelo called his ex a “great teacher” for teaching him the value of a person. He added that his ex showed him how special he is and how much potential he has to realize his dreams.

However, Rabelo added that despite having no hard feelings towards his ex, he had to deactivate all his social media accounts after being harassed and to avoid all contact with his ex.

Post break-up, Rabelo analysed the situation for a month and decided that he had to appreciate himself. His message for his self-marriage or more commonly known as “sologamy”, is that he’s not a victim and he doesn’t need a marriage with someone else to be happy.

Kudos to Rabelo for not allowing himself to be defined by one sad incident. This “sologamy” might seem like a joke to some but it serves an important lesson where the most important love is always self-love.


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Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

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