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“I pray you get Covid” M’sian Makes Illegal U-Turn, Blames Another Driver & Shouts Profanities



Source: @fadzmin_ | Twitter

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A woman, who is believed to be a doctor, was caught on video making an illegal U-turn, causing an oncoming vehicle on the opposite road to almost crash into her. Fadzli Amin, who was the other driver involved in the incident, shared a video of what happened.

In the dashcam footage uploaded on Twitter, the woman driving a dark-coloured car can be seen rushing out after making an illegal u-turn, causing Fadzli to almost crash into her.

Fadzli, of course, honked at her and continued driving. But the woman began honking continuously at him and followed him closely until they both stopped at a traffic light.


The woman then starts shouting angrily while throwing profanities at Fadzli and accused him of being in the wrong, as seen in another video.

Fadzli said that the incident took place near Serdang Hospital on 2 February.


In another Twitter post, Fadzli said that many people have asked him how he knew the woman was a doctor. He claimed that he knew because the woman had showed him a stethoscope while saying,

“Do you see this? I pray you get Covid.”

“She showed me her stethoscope to let me know that she is a doctor,” Fadzli said.

“I just honked when I saw her trying to make a U-turn and cut into my lane. She then honked at me for a long time and tried to provoke me while trying to drive close to my car.”

Addressing netizens who said that he was speeding, Fadzli said that he was not speeding at all.

“Please compare the speed of my car to the other cars moving on the road. The car in front of me was faster if you want to compare to me.”

“It looks like I am driving fast because all the cars at the side of the road are all parked and not moving, so the view from the camera looks like my car is moving fast.”

WORLD OF BUZZ has since reached out to Fadzli to get further insights on the incident.

When asked if the woman had indeed made an illegal U-turn, Fadzli claimed that vehicles are not allowed to make a U-turn at that junction. The video also shows that Fadzli had the right of way as the traffic light was green on his lane.

Fadzli then shares a word of advice for other motorists on the road.

“Firstly, we need to follow traffic rules and not endanger other road users,” Fadzli told WORLD OF BUZZ.

“Secondly, we need to accept our mistakes and not be egoistic. Thirdly, we need to watch our language.”

Meanwhile, the Director of Serdang Hospital has released a statement about the incident, saying that the woman is not a staff member of Serdang Hospital or the Ministry of Health (MOH).

“Serdang Hospital has taken note of the viral issue on Fadzli Amin’s Twitter, dated 2 February 2021 regarding the behavior of a woman who was alleged to have made a U-turn at a traffic light in front of Serdang Hospital as well as the dialogue between the driver and the Twitter owner.”

“It should be noted that after a review was made, the woman as alleged by Mr Fadzli Amin is not a staff member of Serdang Hospital and the Ministry of Health Malaysia.”

Kenyataan Akhbar Hospital Serdang – Tular di Media Sosial Pengguna Twitter Dakwaan Doktor Melakukan Provokasi di Jalan Raya

Posted by KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA on Wednesday, February 3, 2021


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Source: @fadzmin_
Source: @fadzmin_

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