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“I Remember One Person Once Shouted at Me ‘Tak Puasa Ke Babi?!’ and Just Walked Away”



"I Remember One Person Once Shouted at Me 'Tak Puasa Ke Babi!' and Just Walked Away" - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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As we’re all aware, Muslims must fast during the month of Ramadan unless they have special medical conditions that don’t allow them to do so.

Any Muslim who dines openly during the fasting period will inevitably receive the death stare from another fellow Muslim, but what if you’re Chinese without typical Chinese features? Sometimes we’re tanner or have bigger eyes too you know…

On 11 June, a netizen named Chris Foo took to Facebook to share his experience of eating in public during the holy month.

Here’s what he wrote.

“I HATE the month of Ramadan. I don’t hate the culture or religion.

“I hate that every year during this fasting period I have to feel anxious about eating anywhere. All because I have tanned skin and look Malay.

Source: Facebook

“Feeling anxious is one thing, the amount of stares and judgemental eyes everywhere when I take a bite of my lunch is another.

“It’s bad enough I feel bad for eating whilst Malay people walk by (for I know they are fasting). And it’s another thing when deep down I know they’re secretly judging me as “Budak tak Puasa” even though I’m pure Chinese.

“Then, there are the ‘bold Malay people’, who would come straight up to me during my meal and ‘tegur me’.

“While some would sincerely apologise after I let them know that I’m actually Chinese, others don’t come with a friendly approach as they start shouting and try to shame me in public.

“I remember one individual once shouted at me ‘tak puasa ke babi?!’ and just walked away, leaving me in complete humiliation as everyone was staring at me like I’m some sort of fool.

“When will this end? When will I have my own privacy when I eat and not to be looked at as some unholy child who sinned?

“Do I have to wear a name tag every year during this month stating ‘aku Cina, jangan kacau aku’?

“Is it really a sin to be born Chinese but look Malay? I have no personal hate towards Islam. But if it promotes people to hate me every year during Ramadan, then there is a problem right here.”

This rather interesting post went viral on Facebook and Muslim netizens felt bad for Chris who’s constantly being judged based on his skin tone.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Of course, with so many races in Malaysia plus the fact that there’s been generations of interracial marriages, Chris certainly isn’t the only one who’s facing this predicament as other non-Muslim netizens shared their similar experience of being mistaken as Muslim during Ramadan too.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

After reading all the heartwarming comments from Muslim netizens and the hilarious experiences shared by non-Muslim netizens, here’s what Chris replied.

Source: Facebook

Also, Chris shared with WORLD OF BUZZ that his intention of sharing his experience was not to stir up any racial issue, and he hopes that people would understand his predicament.

“I actually think I was a little too harsh when I used the word ‘hate’. What I’m trying to say is – this has become sort of a negative yearly event for me, and no doubt it’s frustrating, especially for the ones who raise their voice at first sight.

“Those (experiences) are really uncomfortable. I mean, some would apologise after knowing the truth but the damage has been done. Passersby who walk by during the incident would’ve already judged me as ‘tak hormat puasa’ (disrespecting the fasting month).”

So guys, stop judging people and assuming they’re not fasting just based on their looks. To all non-Muslims, have you guys experienced a similar situation before? Share with us in the comments!


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