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“I Saw A Dog Laying By the Street”, Malaysian Helps Stray That’s Suffering From Jaundice




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With stories of human beings mistreating stray dogs and cats making its way on social media, this story of compassion has truly given us a sliver of hope in humanity.

Taking to Twitter, @jumaqstieena shared her story of trying to save a helpless stray she found lying in the middle of the street.

“I found this pooch yesterday just lying there at the side of the road. I stopped to find that it was extremely weak.”

“It was really skinny and was unable to stand up. I shudder to think as to how long it had been there so I made the decision to move him out of harm’s way.”

In the video, @jumaqstieena was seen lifting the poor fella onto the roadside before giving it food to eat and water to drink.

Another couple identified as Eric and Mei in her corresponding Tweet also helped out by helping it onto a piece of cardboard to be transferred to a nearby animal clinic.

Poor thing!

In her corresponding thread, she writes “I took it to the vet. The doctor told me that the pooch was suffering from Jaundice and it had been days since it last had a meal to eat.”

“Today I got a call saying that Lucky (the name of the dog) has passed away.”

Such a sad ending. But at least we’ve got to know that Lucky was cared for very well towards the end of its life.

Netizens applaud the efforts of all involved, with many sharing the sadness of @jumaqstieena at her loss.

As Lucky makes its way to the gates of dog heaven, let’s do our part in ensuring that the lives of other strays are also cared for with the same amount of love and compassion that these group of individuals had for lucky. 


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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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