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“I Slept With My Lecturer” Student From Local Uni ‘Confesses’ & Seeks For Relationship Advice



Source: Facebook & Unsplash

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Ah, confession pages… the place where juicy stories are being told anonymously and we all will never know who it is or whether it is absolutely true. 

We all know that most universities have a ‘confession page’ on social media, where most students reveal stories anonymously and here is one that caught the attention of many.

In this local and well-renowned university confession page, a girl, who is supposedly a student at the university, sought for relationship advice from fellow group members of the page.

Okay… What’s so juicy about that? 

“I slept with my lecturer” was the first sentence of the post. Now you get why most of us are shocked?

The student then explained in the post that it was a consensual act.

She said that she was experimenting around with a few dating applications and came across her lecturer’s profile who was looking for a sugar baby.

One thing led to another, they both ended-up dating off-campus grounds and had their occasional flings, as she mentioned in her post.

Because of the pandemic, they had even more chances of meeting each other secretly.

She also explained that she knew things couldn’t escalate further as he was already married.

“Now, I always thought this was a bit of a fling to me. That’s why I was looking for an older guy, a sugar daddy type. But lately, I have been having really strong feelings for him – the type of thoughts that lead me to dream about him divorcing his wife and starting fresh with me,” she said in her post.

She further explained that the lecturer was certain that he wants to keep things the way they are. But at the same time, she feels confused because he showers her with a lot of attention and gets her gifts as well.

“He also wants to keep things secret, since he grades my work on campus. I have never asked him for preferential treatment when it comes to my grades!” she added on in her post.

“So, now I am kind of stuck. I tried taking a temporary break in the relationship (he is ok with me seeing other guys). But I just can’t get him out of my mind,” she added on.
She finished her story saying, “We still see each other occasionally, just for a hook-up.”
She then proceeded to ask these following questions in hopes that she will be able to do the right thing:
“1. How do you get over a guy? Never been so intensely hung up over one before.
2. Should I pursue this? I feel strongly about him, and I think I could be a better life partner for him.
All help & opinions appreciated.
p.s. I am not going to confront the wife. I don’t think it’s my place to do so.”
Majority of the respondents said that the girl has to end things with her lecturer as it is a no brainer that this is indeed wrong.
What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below!
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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