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“I stay in Klang” M’sian Employee Gives Time Zone Difference As Excuse For Being Late



Source: Boom Go Employee & Business News Daily

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Either this is a really bad excuse or the employee is just really bad in geography!

We’ve all been there before when you’re panicking as you’ve overslept and your work starts at 8. What’s worse is when the dreaded message from your boss chimes in and ask for your whereabouts.

Now, if you’re an employee in Kuala Lumpur, chances are you’ve used the traffic jam excuse one too many times or even the classic “I have diarrhoea” excuse. However, this employee might have actually given the best excuse for being late for work.

The interaction posted in the Facebook group, Boom Go Employee started with the boss asking the employee where they were as work was supposed to start at 6pm. What follows is the best last-minute excuse we’ve ever heard.

Employee: Hi, no worries, I’m on the way now. My time is 30 minutes different from Kuala Lumpur because I stay at Klang.

Boss: Huh?? Klang should be the same GMT+8 right?

Just a quick refresher, the whole Peninsular Malaysia is under ONE time-zone!

The post went viral garnering over 200 shares with most netizens can’t help but laugh at the employee who tried their best getting out of a tricky situation. One netizen even pointed out that due to this misstep, the employee might even start working earlier tomorrow!

Now, there’s no denying you will have to resort to creative methods to justify your tardiness but how about next time, make sure its geographically accurate? Share with us any of the excuses you’ve used when you’re late to work!


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