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“I Want To Have Sex With You,” Writes 11yo M’sian Girl To 12yo Boy



"I Want To Have Sex With You," Writes 11yo M'sian Girl To 12yo Boy - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: NST / Lobak Merah

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This is outrageous! 

Lobak Merah shared that an 11-year-old girl wrote a “love letter” to a 12-year-old and asked him if he wanted to have sex with her. In a hand-written letter, the girl first introduced herself and immediately asked the boy if he had sex with anyone prior. She wrote,

“I wanted to ask if you had had sex with a girl before this. Actually, I want to have coitus with you – just once. Please!”

You can take a look at the letter below:

Source: Lobak Merah

The Standard 5 girl even reassured him that a baby wouldn’t be formed after having sexual relations. This concerning letter was shared by a netizen on Facebook, and he provided several reasons for this kind of behaviour.

Some of his reasonings for this behaviour are as listed below:

  • Sleeping together with their parents. This means that whatever the parents do in the bedroom, including having coitus when the kids are asleep, will be watched by their kids.
  • Kids have access to pornography and it could cause addiction. 
  • Friends who introduced pornography to their peers in school.
  • [Rare cases] The children are victims of sexual grooming by their nearest relatives, thus they think that this bizarre behaviour is normal. 

Therefore, he suggested several ways to help curb this problem and the above-mentioned behaviour. They are mentioned below:

  • Parents must not allow their child to speak vulgar words. 
  • Parents must make sure their child show them letters that they receive from their schoolmates. 
  • They must constantly remind their kids about safe and unsafe touch.
  • Parents must not make out in front of kids. 
  • Teachers must help kids that show concerning & vulgar behaviour. 
  • When a child comes forth with a sexual abuse complaint, it must be taken seriously. 
  • Topics regarding sex, consent, and abuse must be taught via Pendidikan Kesihatan/Islam. 

On that note, the netizen hopes that his advice will be beneficial for parents and teachers; and he urged everyone to share his post so that the masses can learn the ways to curb this problem.

What are some other methods we can use to prevent this kind of behaviour amongst our young children? Share your opinions in the comments below! 


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