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“I will surrender to Bukit Aman” Namewee Returns To M’sia, Promises To Cooperate With PDRM



Source: Namewee|Facebook & Namewee|Facebook

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Malaysia’s controversial rapper/director has returned to the homeland from Taipei and his first visitors were the airport police. Namewee’s film, ‘BABI’ earned four nominations in global film festivals all over the world but in Malaysia, the movie had a report lodged against it by the Malaysian Artiste’s Association (Seniman). Mohd Hafiz Mohd Nafiah, the Seniman secretary-general told that the movie allegedly had elements of racism that had “tarnished Malaysia’s image” despite director Namewee’s clarification that the film is based on real-life events.

Following the outrage, Namewee posted a video saying that his intentions were to send a message about the importance of unity and tolerance between races.

Yesterday (14 March), Namewee posted on his Facebook that he has returned to Malaysia and that he was taken by the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) police as soon as he passed immigration.

各位放心,我沒有被抓走。剛剛入境時Passport亮紅燈顯示“通緝”,然後就立刻被帶到機場的警局裡蹲了兩個小時。結果在裡面一直被圍觀合照害林北西北尷尬,還一直問林北什麼時候出新歌,不然就是問哪裡可以看Babi電影… 我跟他們說…

Posted by Namewee 黃明志 on Sunday, March 14, 2021

“As I was passing immigration, a red light flashed when I inserted my passport to indicate that I’m a wanted person. I was then taken to the airport’s police station where I was kept for two hours. “

He added that during the two hours, Malaysians clamoured to take photos with him. They even asked him where they could watch his movie “Babi” to which he simply replied, “Welcome to Taiwan”.

Namewee has made an appointment and will be surrendering himself to Bukit Aman after seven days of quarantine. On March 12, Namewee posted a cryptic “apology” video calling out the Malaysians government and their values.

我要回國自首了… 道歉聲明 [Namewee Tokok 103] Official Apology 12-3-2021

被警方通緝了好幾個月,下個禮拜就要飛回國向大馬警方自首了。出發前,讓我先發表一下道歉聲明… I will return home and surrender to the Malaysian police next week. I will fully cooperate with the police investigation. I have no trauma or internal injuries, no mental problems, and no intention to commit suicide. Most importantly, I would like to apologize to all Malaysians in today's TOKOK…【TOKOK 103 高清版YouTube】: https://bit.ly/3etsdgF-欲網購黃明志最新實體專輯《亞洲通才》及歷年專輯和周邊商品請到。Purchase Namewee Latest 《Asian Polymath》 , Others Music Albums & Merchandises Please log in to https://namewee4896.com/Namewee 黃明志 Official Facebook Fan Page:https://www.facebook.com/namewee/Namewee YouTube Channel Link:http://www.youtube.com/namewee/#Namewee #黃明志 #Tokok103

Posted by Namewee 黃明志 on Thursday, March 11, 2021

Some highlighted excerpts from Namawee’s apology video includes:

  • “I shouldn’t have criticised the government as they sacrifice their rest time to save Malaysia’s finances and they’ve spared no effort on it”
  • “Supposedly this land belongs to the Malays while the Chinese and Indians are foreigners. The quota system must protect Bumiputera’s rights. The Chinese are here to work hard and pay taxes.”
  • “Racism doesn’t exist in Malaysia. It was me who has been speaking nonsense. Instead of racism, I shouldn’t fabricate stories and talk nonsense.”
  • “Even our government is surely legal and was voted by every Malaysian.”

He even reassured that he’s mentally sound while making this statement and that his body is free from any wounds and he doesn’t have any suicidal tendencies.

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