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If You Want Chicken Rice From This Stall, You Need To Wait For The Owners To ‘Wake Up’ First



Source: Facebook

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It’s truly a blessing if we can just wake up naturally before we go to work or have places to be. The daily struggle that almost all of us are going through is getting out of bed. The same goes for this chicken rice stall owner in Cheras.

If you ever feel the need to satisfy your chicken rice craving at his stall, be mindful to wait first until he wakes up and is ready to serve you.

Posted by 蕭騫胤 on Sabtu, 5 September 2020

A Facebook post of the chicken rice stall recently went viral as users found it hilarious after reading the owner’s “business hours”. The business hours read: Wake up – 10 pm and even the name of the stall is 训醒鸡饭 which translates to, “Wake Up Chicken Rice”. The stall is currently located at LM Food Court in Cheras Lembah Maju.

Not only do they sell chicken rice, but they also sell crispy Beancurd Roll (腐竹卷) that has fish paste on the inside. Another name for it is Gold Ring.

“You can’t find it anywhere in KL, except for my stall. It’s also one of the signature dishes in my stall”

The owner of the stall, Heinrich, shared with WORLD OF BUZZ that initially he and his partner made a gimmick regarding the concept of the stall. However, they didn’t realise that many have been supportive and receptive to their scheme.

Prior to this, Heinrich and his partner used to have a stall in Johor Bahru, selling steamed fish and yong taufu. However, due to the pandemic, they had to close down the business and moved to open the current one in Kuala Lumpur.

The post has now garnered over 9,600 shares because of their unconventional way of marketing their food service. Many Facebook users have shared their hilarious thoughts on this in the comment section.

“Sleep is more important than anything”

“Off day → I can’t sleep”

“Can’t wake up until he wakes up”

Heinrich and his partner loved the reaction they’ve been seeing online and will continue focusing on their dish to satisfy their customers. Make sure to wait for them to wake up first before ordering.

Check out their Facebook page, Heinrich and his partner, Ty-En, and show support for our local food stalls.

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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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