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IKEA Reveals That Its Highest-Selling Product Is Not A Furniture Piece, But The Swedish Meatballs!



Source: Mashed & IKEA

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You would think that being a worldwide furniture retail company, IKEA’s highest-selling product would be a table, chair or maybe even a wardrobe.

But that is not the case as it is revealed that the famous Swedish group’s highest-selling product is actually NOT any of its furniture pieces, but its meatballs!

According to Medium, IKEA sells more than 150 million meatballs per year, these scary figures dominate the sales of all of its furniture products, including the top product, Billy bookcase. The rate of selling the meatballs is also 22 times greater than that of the Billy bookcase.

“Hungry customers are distracted customers.”

IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad stated that if customers’ tummies are fulfilled, they would be likely to shop longer, therefore, buying more as well.

This long-held belief is still a part of IKEA’s core strategy, with many IKEA cafes and IKEA restaurants opened alongside the stores.

As a furniture company, IKEA serves surprisingly good food, not only the meatballs, its ice cream, salmon dishes and many more are also very appetising.

Pretty sure that some of us go to IKEA only for the food, right?

Previously on 20 April 2020, IKEA even released the recipe of their popular Swedish meatballs on Twitter. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where people across the world had to stay home for quarantine. IKEA knows that we all love and miss the meatballs. Good news for many, we can all create these scrumptious balls on our very own now.

It is astonishing to know that IKEA’s meatball is actually the company’s best-seller, and we do not mind it at all. Time to go IKEA for these finger-licking Swedish meatballs!


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Source: Mashed
Source: IKEA
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Source: WOB

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