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Ikea’s Iconic Tote Bag Gets Transformed into a Cap This Time and It’s Not Cheap



Streetwear Companies in L.A Transforms Ikea Tote Bag into a Cap - World Of Buzz

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Not so long ago, the famous luxurious French fashion house, Balenciaga made it into headlines again after their latest bag had an uncanny resemblance to the iconic big blue Ikea Frakta tote bag.

Source: Barney

Just when we thought we can finally lay this issue to rest and start afresh in May, two Los Angeles-based labels known as Pleasures, and Chinatown Market came up with their latest creation, a Frakta dad cap which is obviously inspired by the Ikea’s tote bag.

Source: Hype Beast

Source: Hype Beast

Source: Hype Beast

These 2 companies specialising in streetwear have transformed the big blue tote bag into a hat for their 2017 spring or summer season.

Unfortunately, the inspiration stopped only at the design. While Ikea’s tote bag cost only RM2, this cap will be bearing a price tag of $38 (RM164)!

And they even cheekily imitated Ikea’s advertisement for that extra kick!

Source: Hype Beast

Design wise, it’s pretty sturdy and looks just like any other cap. There are holes on top so that we can keep calm and vent off the steam when being mind-blown. It even has a ‘IKEA’ written on it! #TeamIkea

Just by looking at it, I think it’s safe to say that comfort isn’t the top priority when designing the cap.

Think the guy above is comfy wearing the cap? Hmm…

After the cap went viral on social media, netizens expressed their disbelief as they’ve had enough of this. One netizen said, “This has got to stop! It’s not funny anymore!”

Another cheeky netizen said, “Next one will be underwear. Beware CK!”

If any of you guys are interested in buying this, you can expect the cap to be available on Pleasures and Chinatown Market’s official website in a few weeks time.

So, anyone getting it? 

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