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Indonesian City Wants to Fine LGBT Residents RM290 Each for Being Public Nuisance



Source: Indonesia Expat

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Indonesia is reportedly planning to fine the LGBT residents of Padang 1 million rupiah (RM293) for allegedly being a public nuisance to the Muslim-majority nation.

Though LGBT is not technically illegal in Indonesia, apart from Aceh, citizens have been against the idea and the members of the community there have been under pressure for years.

Source: FMT

This week, the city of Pariaman, Sumatra has just passed a regulation that bans “acts that are considered LGBT”, and this includes “immoral acts” between same-sex couples and even transvestites activities.

“Same-sex LGBT and transgender people will be subject to sanctions and fines if they disturb the public order,” said Fitri Nora, head of the local legislature, as reported by FMT.

The city’s deputy mayor, Mardison Mahyudin said that the new rules were created following the increase of LGBT controversies over the years.

Source: SemangatNews

A number of cities in Sumatra have reportedly tried to marginalise the LGBT community and the provincial government will commence a special meeting to find a solution to the “LGBT problem”.

“We are trying to prevent the population from increasing,” said governor Irwan Prayitno.

According to Pink News, a march protesting the LGBT community was held two weeks ago, on a Sunday (18 November) and it was led by the mayor of Padang, Sumatra, Mahyeldi Ansharullah. The 2km walk was called “Long March Action to Reject LGBT in West Sumatra and Declaration of Sin-Free Padang”.

“To the perpetrators of sin, let them repent,” the mayor said.

Besides that, a video on Twitter had gone viral this week whereby LGBT Muslims in Indonesia were seen being exorcised in order to be “cured”.

You can watch it here:

What do you think of this new rule and fine that Indonesia is implementing against the LGBT community? Let us know in the comments! 


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