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Indonesian Couple Gets Married In Front of Deceased Father As They Did Not Want Him To Miss It



Source: Antara KL & Detik News

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We want our parents to be with us during special moments, especially when we graduate, get married or have our first baby. However, some may not have this privilege and it is always sad to see that.

Recently an Indonesian couple got married in front of the groom’s deceased father to make sure that his ‘soul’ will not miss this monumental moment.

Romadhony Putra Pratama always wanted his father (who is a people’s representative in Kota Samarinda, Indonesia) to witness his big day. On 10th July, his father was confirmed to have passed away due to a cardiac arrest while playing sports, reported Tribun.

Five hours after his father passed on, Romadhony and his wife made the decision to carry out the solemnisation process in front of the corpse. Romadhony says that he did that as a  sign of respect to his father who would have wanted to witness the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

“I was told that my father had already passed away in the hospital and we made the decision to get married in front of his body.”

“Even though it’s only his soul, I am confident that my father was still around and able to see me marry my wife.”

After the whole ceremony was done, Romadhony’s father was buried.

According to the Kota Samarinda Head of Religious Affairs, Romadhony and his wife had already planned on getting married before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Due to obvious reasons, it was delayed and they rescheduled to later in the year. However, the date was changed again when Romadhony’s father passed.

It is also said Romadhony’s father was an amazing people’s representative.

We hope that the deceased will rest in peace after knowing that his son is happily married. And we would like to wish the newlyweds a happy marriage!


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Source: Antara KL
Source: Detik News

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