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Indonesian Lady Who Ate Soap Now Has an Australian BF, and Netizens are Jealous AF



Soap Eating Indonesian Lady Get Whi - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Instagram

A video of an Indonesian woman licking various brands of hand soap and reviewing them has undoubtedly given new meaning to the term ‘clean eating’ while breaking the internet at the same time.

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Enak banget

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The story of Helen Junet, however, did not end there as the girl who is currently residing in Sydney took to social media to show off her boyfriend on Twitter.


However, she probably didn’t expect her post receiving copious amounts of hate netizens.

Seriously though, why the hate?

Not letting the hate weigh her down, Helen shows how much she is unfazed by the opinions of strangers on the internet.

Here are some of the comments she received from her haters.

Source: Instagram

“To me, the boyfriend seems forced to take the video together with her.”

Others began to say how much her image has changed, from donning the hijab to losing it entirely once she got into a relationship with her boyfriend.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

All the hate can be witnessed on her Instagram, with Helen not responding to any of it.

You have to commend Helen’s courage not to let all the hate faze her, and truth be told, people should just chill and let others lead the lives the way they want to live it.

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