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Indonesian Man Reveals He Only Sold Meteorite For RM57,660, Feels He’s Been Cheated By Buyer



Source: BBC Indonesia

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Just recently, news broke that an Indonesian man had become an instant millionaire after selling a meteorite that had fallen through his home in Sumatera, Indonesia.

It was said that he had set to receive RM7.60 million, but it turns out, his arrangement with meteorite specialist, Jared Collins, was very different.

As according to BBC Indonesia, 34-year-old Josua Hutagalung shared his disappointment upon realising that he had sold the meteorite for a way lower price than originally stated on media portals, which is about only RM57,660, and expressed that he felt cheated by Collins.

“Jared is only the middle man and not the buyer of the meteorite, which is said to be worth RM7.56 million. I’ve been cheated and am disappointed upon hearing news from UK media outlets who are calling me a rich person. I’m shocked, that pricing wasn’t from me. If the meteor has reached the buyer, then it is no longer my right. However much that it’s going to be sold for, it depends, but I sold it for Rp200 million (RM57,660),” he said.

Josua also added that the amount has already been spent as he donated amounts to poor people, orphanages, churches and to fix up his parents’ grave-site.

Thankfully, he only sold 1.8 kgs of the meteorite that weighed 2.2 kgs.

“The extra pieces of the meteorite, I’ve given to family members, some made rings. For myself, I kept five grams. I’m also never going to sell the extra pieces even if anyone offers a high price,” he added.

It’s honestly sad to know that he was cheated out of a large amount, especially considering he spent the money to help others.

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