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Indonesian Man With 32 Academic & Non-Academic Titles Says “University Is A Hobby For Me”



Source: CNBC & Rakyatku

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Asians have been stereotyped as overachieving students, and sometimes, it’s for good reason too, considering a lot of us grew up with parents who prioritised education to the bone.

Well, one Indonesian man managed to outshine every single overachieving Asian out there.

Disclaimer: Share at your own risk with parents as it may result in certain consequences. 

39-year-old Welin Kusuma from Makassar, Indonesia will put anyone to shame as he’s managed to earn 32 academic and non-academic titles. Here’s his full title: Welin Kusuma, S.T., S.E., S.Sos., S.H, S.Kom., S.S., S.Ap., S.Stat., S.Akt., S.I.Kom., S.I.P., M.T., M.S.M., M.Kn., RFP-I, CPBD, CPPM, CFP, Aff.WM, BKP, QWP, CPHR, ICPM, AEPP, CBA, CMA, CPMA, CIBA, CBV, CERA, CSA, ACPA.

As according to Vice Indonesia, Kusuma’s journey started back in 1999 when he was just 18-years-old. His first degree was in Industrial Engineering at the Surabaya University and he hasn’t stopped since.

“University is a hobby for me, I truly enjoy learning. I’m certain that by going to university, I will gain knowledge that is useful to me in a practical sense,” he said.

Though, not all of Kusuma’s certifications were earned through a university. He also has professional certifications in different industries. Overall, he has 11 Bachelor’s degrees, three Master’s degrees and 18 professional certifications.

But that’s not all, Kusuma has received achievement for his achievements!

Back in 2012, Kusuma broke the record for most multidisciplinary academic titles in Indonesia. Since then, he’s also broken the record for the most credit hours taken in a single semester, at 111 credits.

Although he already has so many titles around his belt, he is nowhere near ending his journey as he plans to add more degrees to his arsenal, giving new meaning to the Chinese saying, 活到老学到老; which literally translates to ‘live until old, learn until old’.

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Source: AnakTeknik
Source: Rakyatku
Source: Kumparan

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