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Indonesian Market Sells Bat & Monkey Meat, Animals Slaughtered Cruelly For Buyers


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Source: DailyMail

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Considering the Wuhan virus allegedly originated from a market in Wuhan, China that sold bats, rats and other odd animals for the purpose of consumption, the market has been shut down.

The existence of the market made way for food dishes such as the bat soup and raw, live newborn mice.

But it turns out, the Wuhan market isn’t the only one out there. As according to the Daily Mail, there is a similar market in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. However, this one is much worse, especially considering its name, the Tomohon Extreme Market.

Market 3

Source: dailymail

The ‘extreme’ in the aspect of the name can be exemplified in 2 ways – the fact that the market sells extremely rare animal meats from endangered monkeys to snakes, and the fact that the animals are treated with extreme abuse before they are killed and sold for their meat.

64-year-old Alf Jacob Nilsen visited the market mentioned that the cruel acts are carried out as a performance to attract attention and lure in tourists.

Market 4

Source: dailymail

“Another aspect that worried me a lot when I was there was that I believed I was seeing endangered species offered for sale such as monkeys, bats, birds, snakes and other reptiles. Not only because the poor animals are treated in a most brutal way and definitely suffer, but also because there must clearly be a risk of spreading parasites and serious diseases when dealing with dogs and dog meat in this way,” he added.

Market 1

Source: dailymail

Sadly, for certain animals, once they are selected for purchase, they’ll be beaten to death with hammers and large pieces of wood and have their fur burnt off with blowtorch as their bodies twitch before being sold.

“I did get a feeling that in one way this was done almost as an attraction to lure in more tourists,” Nilsen said.

Market 2

Source: dailymail

Taking into account the fact that coronavirus was developed in an environment similar to the Tomohon Extreme Market, shouldn’t this market be shut down immediately before another outbreak adds to the current one? Or worse, if a more threatening virus pops up?

Let’s hope the authorities will take action against the market and shut it down once and for all.

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