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Inseperable Cat & Dog Best Friends Found Poisoned To Death By Cruel Person



Cute Cat & Dog Best Friends Found Cruelly Poisoned To Death By Unknown Assailant - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook & Facebook

There is an old saying that some people can fight like cats and dogs. After all, dogs and cats are supposedly the mortal enemies of one another, right? Well, not exactly. In fact, there have been more cases of dogs and cats getting along and befriending each other than you think.

Unfortunately, despicable as some humans are, there are people out there who are hellbent on separating this bond, reserving absolutely no empathy or compassion in their heart for these animals at all. Such is the case of this Facebook post uploaded to netizen group D’Cat D’Hati recently.

Source: Facebook

In a severely heartbreaking incident, a pair of unlikely friends consisting of a dog and a cat were found poisoned to death in an indeterminate location. According to the Facebook post, it is said that while they were still living, both cat and dog were inseparable from one another.

Source: Facebook

They would do almost everything together, and were often seen either huddled up to one another for warmth, or be playing with each other on the streets, as they were strays.

Source: Facebook

It is clearly apparent that both animals shared a very special bond with each other, one that extended even to a point of death, where they were both found huddled atop one another, their bodies devoid of life.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The story of these two unlikely animal friends has since gone viral over social media, with many netizens condemning the actions of those who would even consider killing such hapless creatures without a second thought.

It is unknown at this point where these animals were found, or who the culprit behind these senseless killings is. But we hope that they will be brought to justice, and that these animal friends will be able to meet each other once again in the hereafter.


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