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Instagram’s New Features Will Keep The Makcik Bawangs & Cyberbullies Off Your Posts



Source: CNA

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Instagram, a platform where people all over the world post pictures of their perfectly-edited selves, sometimes to get social validation and other times as part of a business. So what happens when there are comments that defame or bully these people?

Fret not, because according to The Verge, Instagram is now testing a new feature that will allow people to shadow ban these “bullies”. The shadow ban means that the account holder can “restrict”another user by limiting who can see these abusive comments to only the account holder and the commenter. It also hides when the account holder is active on IG or when they have read a DM.

Source: The Verge

Instagram has also announced that they will be releasing a feature which uses AI to flag potentially offensive comments and ask users if they want to follow through with posting the comments. Instagram has said that during the test period, the AI has made “some” people reflect on what they were posting.

Source: The Verge

In addition to that, Instagram has already put an offensive comment filter in place that automatically screens bullying comments concerning a person’s appearance, or even threats to a person. There is also a similar filter for pictures.

We’re glad that Instagram is now taking preventive measures against offensive comments as cyber-bullying is a very serious problem, and most of the time, victims do not know who to turn to as these bullies are mostly anonymous. It is extremely hurtful and we urge our readers to not engage in these kinds of acts as it brings no real benefits.


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