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Irresponsible Malaysians Are Throwing Trash Everywhere in This KL Apartment



Source: Facebook - Shazlin Nazli

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Living in a shared community means that each of us is to be responsible for our surroundings, especially when it comes to residing in high-rise buildings. For example, if something falls from a unit above, it could severely cause harm to those living at the lower units. Hence, we need to always be mindful of our actions within our communities.

A Facebook user, Shazlin Nazli shared some pictures that highlighted the bad habits of certain individuals who live in an apartment complex and well, the pictures are GROSS. One of the pictures shows a used sanitary pad that was thrown on top of a TV satellite dish. Haih

In her post, Shazlin highlighted the importance of taking care of our etiquette with our neighbours. She said,

“When we live in an area surrounded by neighbours, we need to be aware that we are required to be civilized towards each other.” 

Another photo she shared, documents the innards of a fish on the ledge after being dumped from a unit above. Who in their right mind would do such things??? A typical house should obviously be equipped with garbage cans for waste to be disposed of properly, kan?

The last picture might actually be a normal sight to the majority of us, but it sure does take the cake; a rooftop FULL of rubbish. The sad thing is, we know that this is happening around us and some of us might be guilty of it too. Perhaps it is time for us to change our mindsets. It actually requires little effort to deal with our trash and if everyone puts in the effort to be a good neighbour, we can definitely achieve a living environment that is more comfortable, sanitary and safe.


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