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“Is It Safe To Bring My Children Out For Shopping Now?” MOH Explains Why You Should NOT



Source: Malay Mail & Harvard

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Many parents have been asking if it’s alright to bring their children out for shopping and other places now. The Ministry of Health has posted their answer on their Facebook page. Simply said, you should be extra cautious and it’s better not to.

In the post, the ministry has said that parents can bring their children out and they will not be fined as there are no mentions of it in Act 342 (Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988). However, parents should be cautious and they need to be ready to face the risks as we’re not free from Covid-19 yet.

“If something bad happens, you’ll be in hardship. Do not blame anyone else but yourself for not being a responsible parent/guardian.”

“This might be a little too direct and harsh, but this is reality.”

“All of us know that small children and the elderly are at the most risk of contracting Covid-19. MOH advised, and even begged parents and guardians to not bring them out. We as adults are advised to not go to crowded areas and to abide by the SOPs. What more children?

MOH continues, “Yes, there are no recorded cases of children dying from Covid-19 because authorities tried their best to deter irresponsible parents from bringing them out. However, there are still parents who want to go against the law.”

“Do we really want to see a child die for us to abide by the rules set?”

The Ministry then pleads with the public to wait until it is really safe and when everyone is practising the new norms.

“Protect our children and listen to the government’s advice. It is for your own good.”

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Source: Harvard
Source: Time

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