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Is Our Minister Of Higher Education Too Busy Doing TikTok Videos To Comment On Veveonah Issue?



Source: Sinar Harian & YouTube & Astro Awani

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In light of the recent controversy regarding Veveonah vs the Deputy Communication Minister and Deputy Finance Minister, former ministers namely, Syed Saddiq, Hannah Yeoh and Maszlee Malik have pointed out that these deputy ministers are bullying the 18-year-old girl.

Fortunately, Malaysians are siding with Veveonah and have been speaking up on her defence since her absence online. However, there’s one question that some rakyat are wondering: where’s our Minister Of Higher Education (MOHE)?

Noraini Ahmad has been completely silent on the issue and it’s very disheartening to see how there’s no show of concern towards Veveonah when she’s currently under a lot of scrutinies nationwide. Her colleagues continue to cyberbully this young girl and there has not a single criticism being made towards them.

Malaysians are now calling her out for neglecting the issue and expressing that leaders should hold their colleagues accountable for the mistakes that they have made.

Prior to this, Noraini Ahmad was in hot water for promoting TikTok with Norreen, a Malaysian influencer, during the first few brutal months of the Covid-19 pandemic. She received a lot of backlash from Malaysians, especially university students, for not providing proper solutions for students who weren’t able to return to their homes.

Furthermore, it seems that she’s not the only one being called out. Malaysians are also name-dropping the Minister Of Youth And Sports, Reezal Merican and the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Rina Harun for not condemning the actions of their colleagues.

“Enough of the two deputy ministers finding faults on this young creative girl who’s trying to solve a problem. The Deputy Youth Minister and Deputy Higher Education don’t have any comments to share?”

“Minister of Higher Education is quiet when there’s a lot of issue going on. Dr. Noraini Ahmad should stand up in support of Veveonah but is silent. But if it’s about TikTok, so quick to make noise! You should try to make one TikTok video for Zahidi.”

It’s truly disappointing to see how our government leaders are hiding and not even attempting to reprimand the two deputy ministers who have been tormenting this girl. The leaders that the rakyat mentioned are supposed to be in support of Veveonah and yet they aren’t. Instead, they just turned a blind eye on the matter.

It’s mind-boggling how these ministers couldn’t even defend one individual who is completely helpless against two powerful authoritarian figures. So how would they handle any issue, if they can’t even help one girl?

Let us know your thoughts on this!

Disclaimer: This piece reflects the writer’s opinion and a compilation of opinions of others on the subject matter. It does not reflect the opinions or beliefs of WORLD OF BUZZ.


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Source: Twitter

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