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“It was the most sincere kiss I saw than in any wedding halls, the most painful good bye ever”



"It was the most sincere kiss I saw than in any wedding halls, the most painful good bye ever" - World Of Buzz 1

Being in the airport gives you a lot of emotions. You’ll see people jumping in excitement, eager to go on their next adventure, or people giving tight hugs to loved ones they’ve not seen in months or even years, welcoming them home. Then there are the goodbyes everyone dread, the separation between two people that may stretch on for what seem like forever.

Facebook user Kumiko from the Philippines was in the airport when she witnessed an intimate and heart warming moment between two lovers. She decided to write a post to share the heartfelt story to the world.

She writes,

“Today I was at the airport. I saw the girl crying and thought the couple were in a fight but no, I was wrong.

I sat down near them, i saw the girl’s eyes, it looked really really sad. She cried and told the guy she doesn’t want to leave, but the guy told her she has to go. He hugged her so many times, kissed her cheeks and lips many times, telling her how much he loved her and that they’ll be seeing each other next month.

After this moment, the guy hugged her for the last time, kissed her lips and forehead, and said his last good bye.

The girl couldn’t stop crying so she walked away and went to the international departure area. She looked back at the guy, waving goodbye, giving flying kisses.

After the girl entered the area, the guy slowly walked away. I looked at him, and i saw his tears slowly running down at his face. He saw me looking at him and he smiled at me. I just looked at him, and I almost cried too.

That was the most sincere kiss i saw than in any wedding halls. The most painful good bye ever.”


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