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“It’s Not For Show”, Yuna Schools Haters Who Judge Her Relationship With Islam



Source: The Cut & Terry Rathwer's Facebook

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Yuna has always been an inspiration to Malaysians nationwide by breaking stereotypes in the music industry and making us proud on a global platform.

But even with all the success she’s achieved, the down-to-earth star admits that she once felt extremely pressured to uphold a certain image to please those who would judge her religious life.

“I don’t strive to show people I’m a good Muslim”

“My journey as a Muslim woman in the music industry has been an interesting one. When I was younger, I stressed myself out trying to please the conservative Malay Muslims,” penned the Malaysian artist on her IG story.

However, after 15 years in the music industry, Yuna says she’s learned a LOT. She opened up about why she chooses to keep her religious life private. “My relationship with Islam is beautiful & personal, it’s not for show especially on social media.”

The IG story is no longer on Yuna’s Instagram but was re-shared by Facebook user, Terry Rawther.

“That’s why you don’t see me posting selfies of me in the telekung, praying, reading the Quran,” she added. “I don’t strive to show people I’m a good Muslim”.

Yuna stressed that there was a distinction between showing and actually doing. The singer went on to advise her fans against trying to please everybody. “No matter how hard you try to please people, it will never be enough for them. Don’t send yourself into depression for this.”

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Yuna said that our society can’t fully embrace the saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ because “we are obsessed with the perfect Muslim picture.” But she tries not to let this affect her and her perspective of the world.

“I have more respect for someone who doesn’t wear the hijab but focuses on being kind to others and the planet by recycling, not using plastic, etc, practicing Islam & donating privately.” The artist added that she’s met “pious looking people (more than once)” who don’t practice what they preach.

“(They) have sexually harassed women. (And) pious looking businesswomen who steal and sabotage other women to make more money.”

While Yuna stresses that not everyone is like that, it has changed her outlook on what she thinks when she meets someone new. “I don’t immediately believe what I see. Looks can be deceiving. I used to be so naive about this but you just have to live through it to understand it,” shared the influential singer.

As a final word of advice, Yuna said she learned that people who are unhappy and hat themselves will always attack the easiest target- “women who are happy with themselves”.

“The only way to be a fully functioning happy person is to let go and let things happen naturally”.

Such wise words from an inspiring figure that Malaysians look up to! 


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Source: The Cut
Source: Billboard

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