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“It’s possible!” M’sian Shares How He Survives On RM100 ‘Pocket Money’ A Month From Wife



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With the uncertain economic situation looming in the background of the pandemic, budgeting has become essential in managing our finances. But can you make RM100 last for a whole month?

Recently, a Malaysian man took to UTAR’s Confessions page to share the story of how he survives on a budget of RM100 every month. The man, who earns RM4,000 monthly from his job, said all his money belongs to his wife and he’s left with RM100 every month as ‘pocket money’. The bulk of income that is managed by his wife goes into paying for bills and her younger sister’s car loan which takes up RM1,000 a month.

The man’s ‘pocket money’ is what he is allowed to have to spend on daily essentials like food, transportation, phone bills, and other personal expenditures. What’s more shocking is the fact that at the end of the month, he still has RM10 left to save from his budget!

The man then detailed his expenses as followed:

  • Meals: RM0 (All three meals are homecooked and taken to his office during work)
  • Transportation: RM40 a month for petrol riding a motorcycle
  • Phone bill: RM30 a month
  • Cigarettes: RM20 a month
  • Balance: RM10

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Netizens who saw the post were amazed at the man’s ability to limit his spending. Nonetheless, he emphasised that the RM100 budget only covered his personal expenditure and did not include large costs like utility bills, groceries, or other essential services because his wife was responsible for those.

Have you had to live under an extreme budget before? Share your experiences with us in the comments! 


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