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“It’s too small!” Customer Complains That She Can’t Insert Cards Horizontally Into Wallet



Source: Rachel Smith | Facebook

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Although the saying “the customer is always right” has been around for ages, it may not necessarily be true as there can be difficult customers out there who aren’t exactly easy to deal with.

Recently, a handbag retailer called Rachel Smith, took to their Facebook page to share their story of an incident with a difficult customer.

From the post, the seller shared a screenshot conversation between the seller and the customer who recently purchased a wallet from their store. However, the customer reached out to their customer service after receiving the item to file a complaint.

The customer said to the seller, “What’s wrong with your design? The size of the pocket is too small, can’t even fit in any cards. Also, the colour looks weird, I wanted blue colour & you all sent me the black one instead.”

The customer had no idea that the bank cards were meant to be inserted vertically into the wallet, not horizontally. Facepalm…

The seller replied to the customer by explaining the correct way of using the wallet.

“Dear, you were meant to put it in vertically for this design of the wallet. We indeed sent you the dark blue colour, not black,” the seller replied.

To which the customer then replied saying “If the design of the pockets in this wallet is vertical, isn’t it too wide for the cards? The design is ridiculous! Also, do you think I’m colour blind? Obviously, this is black in colour!”

The seller tried to remain cool and further explained to get the customer to understand.

“Dear, the design of this wallet is vertical, we showed it in our video. We believe that you have no problem in differentiating colours, however, this wallet is dark blue in colour. Even though the colour of the wallet is very dark, but under the light, you can obviously see that it is blue in colour,” the seller clarified for the last time.

The post has garnered over 700 shares and 1,000 likes, including comments from netizens who found the customer’s complaint quite ridiculous.

Kudos to the seller for remaining patient and calm the whole time! 

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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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