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It’s World Suicide Prevention Day, Here’s How You Can Offer Help To Someone Who Needs It



Source: qbi.uq.edu.au & wonderwall

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 80,000 people die by suicide every year.  Suicide is something that has always been a taboo in Malaysia. Though in recent years, more and more Malaysians are shedding light and discussing the topic more openly, especially on social media.

With a number of suicide cases being reported and uploaded to social media, many netizens are expressing their concern. Mental health issues are given more attention and taken more seriously compared to pre-Internet days.

As stated in the National Health and Morbidity Survey, every three in 10 adults aged 16 years and above in Malaysia suffer from some form of mental health issues. UM Specialist Centre reports that by 2020, mental illness is expected to be the second biggest health problem affecting Malaysians after heart disease.

Speaking of suicide and mental health, today (10 September 2020) is recognized as World Suicide Prevention Day. The Ministry Of Health (MOH) also shared about the World Suicide Prevention Day through a tweet on their official Twitter account.


How can you tell if someone is feeling suicidal?

Sometimes people are crying out for help but we don’t see it because we’re unaware of the signs. Therefore, tt’s important to be able to detect signs of suicidal in a person. These are verbal and behavioural cues that people with suicidal tendencies might show. Remember to always be aware of these cues as this can make a huge difference in their lives.


Here are some ways that you can help and maybe even prevent suicide: 

Speak up if you are worried.

Confronting someone who shows suicidal tendencies can be quite hard. It’s perfectly normal to feel scared or uncomfortable talking about it. However, if you see somebody close to you talking about suicide or show other warning signs, they need to be helped immediately. Talking to a family member or a friend about suicidal thoughts can be extremely difficult.

However, you can always ask if you are not sure if they are suicidal. Showing that you care will not make a person suicidal. In fact, if you give them a chance to express their feelings, it can provide relief from loneliness and pent-up negative feelings, and may prevent a suicide attempt.

When talking to a suicidal person, it is always important to be yourself and let them know that you care. Also, remember to always listen to them. Let them express and unload their feelings. Always be sympathetic and non-judgemental.

Reassure your loved one that help is always available and the suicidal thoughts are just temporary. When a suicidal person tells you something like “I’m so depressed, I can’t go on”, ask them if they’re having thoughts of suicide. Always be ready to be a listening ear and take them seriously.


Respond quickly in a crisis

If the person tells you that he or she is thinking about death or suicide, it’s important to evaluate the immediate danger the person is in. Those at the highest risk for committing suicide in the near future have a specific suicide plan, the means to carry out the plan, a time set for doing it, and an intention to do it.

If a suicide attempt seems imminent, call the authorities that can offer assistance, call 999 to ask for help or just take the person to an emergency room. Quickly remove any potentially lethal objects from the vicinity. But most importantly, do not, in under any circumstances, leave a suicidal person alone.


Offer help and support

If someone you know is having any thoughts of suicide, it is always important to offer an empathetic, listening ear. Let them know that they are not alone and that you care.  Don’t take responsibility, however, for healing your loved one. You can offer support, but you can’t make a suicidal person get better. They have to make a personal commitment to recovery.

It takes a great amount of courage to assist someone who is suicidal. Witnessing someone close to you dealing with thoughts of ending their life can stir up a lot of difficult emotions. Always remember to take care of yourself too. Always talk about your thoughts and feelings to someone who you can really trust and get support for yourself.

Help and support will always be available. You just need to know the right channel to seek the right help. Feel free to seek help from Befrienders KL. They offer free emotional support 24 hours a day, every day. The best part is that it’s free and confidential, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Befrienders KL: 03-7627 2929

Every life is precious. Everyone deserves to live and remember that you are important. Help will always be available.


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