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Jakarta Floods Have Killed 43 Locals Already, Search & Rescue Mission Continues



Jakarta Floods Kills 43 Locals, Search & Rescue Mission Continues - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: BeritaHarian

As we cherish all the good and bad memories in 2019 and turn over a new leaf, Jakarta was hit by heavy rain this new year, causing floods around areas around Jakarta.

As of 3rd January 2020, the number of casualties counts at 43, and these victims either drowned, electrocuted, or experienced hypothermia. The total victims add up to 31,000 locals all over affected areas, which include Jakarta,  Kota Bekasi, Kota Depok, Kabupaten Bogor, Tangerang Kota and Tangerang Selatan.

Banjir merendam kawasan Kampung Pulo dan Bukit Duri di Jakarta, Kamis (2/1/2020). ANTARA FOTO/Nova Wahyudi/wsj.

Source: Tirto

The search and rescue mission is still working their way through the floods as debris from collapsed buildings and other objects like cars, motorcycles and other forms of transportations blocked some roads. In an area in Jakarta, an 8-year-old child and an 82-year-old retiree died when a landslide hit.

The rescue mission continues to find missing victims reported by families. As the floods seem dangerous still, the search and rescue mission will continue with hope and caution.


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