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Japanese Fried Chicken Shop Creates ‘Girl’s Sweat’ Sauce, Netizens Confused AF



Japanese Fried Chicken Shop Creates 'Girl's Sweat' Sauce, Netizens Confused AF - World Of Buzz
Source: The Picta and Rocket News 24

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Japan is the land of the weird for sure!

Just recently, a fried chicken franchise called Tenka Torimasu unveiled their latest creation, which features the SWEAT of women, Rocket News 24 reported.

With about 6 branches in Japan, Tenka Torimasu is best known for their chicken karaage a.k.a. boneless chunks of chicken thigh meat fried to perfection.

Another specialty that they offer is a massive variety of sauces such as wasabi, mayonnaise, sweet chili, cheese curry and Japanese plum.

Now, they’ve added a brand new (and bizarre) flavour to their range of sauce – girl’s sweat.

Yep, you read that right.

Of course, the flavour isn’t made from just any random girl’s sweat. Tenka Torimasu wanted to ensure their sweat sauce tasted like the ‘refreshing’ sweat of young ladies who are working hard to become successful idol singers.

They particularly wanted to emulate the sweat excreted by members of Japanese girl group, Kamen Joshi, when they created this sauce. Kamen Joshi comprises 3 subgroups and each group concentrates on a different genre of music.

Source: Crunchyroll

Of the 3 subgroups, Alice Juban’s music is a mixture of metal and rap while Steam Girls mostly sing pop-rock songs. As for Armor Girls, they incorporate elements from Irish and Celtic folk music to create ‘forest rock’ songs.

In total, there are 17 girls in Kamen Joshi. Will the consistency of the sweat sauce taste different since there’s so many girls?

Anna Tachibana from Alice Juban tells the press that this sweat sauce is some next-level sh*t.

“This is the birth of the karaage people have been dreaming about.”

Of course, just because the taste is modelled after these ladies’ sweat, does not mean that it is actually made out of their real sweat. The creators merely imitated the flavour using food ingredients. Want to know what’s in it?

The special sauce is a mix of salt, lemon juice and cheese. It doesn’t sound bad at all, actually.

Needless to say, many netizens were bewildered by this super weird yet creative sauce, as evident in some of the comments.

Curious to know how it’d taste like?

Girl’s sweat karaage is now available at all Tenka Torimasu branches at 400 yen (RM15.50) until October 31, 2017.

Would you try this? Maybe it’s time to make that trip to Japan happen!


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