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JB Teacher Goes Viral for How He Teaches Sejarah & We Wish He Taught Us Too



History Teacher Fires Students Up For Lesson By Emphasizing The Importance of History - WORLD OF BUZZ

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Most teachers teaching the subject of history would agree, that not many of their students are huge fans of the subject.

What more with the need to memorize historical information, the teaching of history is often not conducted in the most interesting way.

Some of these facts may hold true. Compared to subjects like science, mathematics and even language studies, history has not seen much change from our father’s and mother’s time learning to now.

But one teacher at the Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar or English College Johore Bahru seems to have found a way to revolutionize history.

By gauging their interests first!

To give you an idea of how this teacher conducts his class, here is a video of him reciting the importance of learning history with his students.

Beginning his class with chants to fire up their mood, here is what his students had to say about the importance of learning history.

“You have to learn history because we need to know where we come from, to strengthen our unity, to learn from our mistakes, to develop our nation and to strengthen our sense of patriotism.”

Wishing we’ve had such teachers like this teaching history in the past, the efforts of @awanjebat teaching his students in 1 Bestari received much praise from netizens.

Source: Twitter

“History should be taught in a fun and interesting way. Good job Sir Awan! Efforts like these deserve to be praised.”

Now, this video is not the only representation of how @awanjebat teaches in his classroom, with several videos uploaded on his twitter account showcasing his efforts to get his students to love and learn history.

Truly an inspirational educator, Malaysia needs more teachers like this to teach our future generation with the same passion and desire to see Malaysia succeed.

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Source: Twitter

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