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Johor Mall Ordered To Immediately SHUT DOWN After Being Caught Violating SOP



Source: China Press & M9 Auto Facebook

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In the CMCO period, businesses have been told that they will be allowed to resume their operations, albeit with much needed restrictions to ensure that the Covid-19 infection doesn’t spread within our local communities.

Whether it be temperature checks to the heavily touted importance of social distancing, businesses that have decided to return to operation are mandated to work in these new regulations to keep patrons safe, lest they risk being shut down by the government.

And if you think that the government was only saying that to send a chill down the spines of business owners, the recent order of closure for AEON Terbau City will tell you otherwise. The popular local mall based in Johor Bahru was just recently instructed to close yesterday (25th May 2020) according to China Press.

While speculation was rife as to why the mall was suddenly ordered to shutter its doors over the public holidays, it has since been revealed by the Johor Health Department that the order came after it was discovered that the mall had not been following the mandatory SOPs required when running a business during CMCO.

The instruction of closure began at 4pm yesterday and the mall will remain closed until 1st June.

According to Johor health and environment committee chairman R. Vidyananthan, the main reason why the mall was ordered to close was due to the mall management’s inability to enforce proper social distancing measures, while providing an inadequate amount of hand sanitisers, reports The Star. 

“The mall had failed to control the crowd and maintain social distancing among its customers, and did not provide enough hand sanitisers.

“At about Monday at noon, the state Health Department’s enforcement team advised the management to rectify the situation, but when a follow-up check was conducted a few hours later, the situation did not improve,”

Mall authorities have since complied with the order and shut down operations.

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Source: China Press
Source: China Press

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