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Johor Man Homeless After 3 Weeks in KL, Soup Kitchen Helps Him Go Home to Bury His Mum



Source: Twitter&NST

Yesterday a tweet went viral, telling the story of a guy named Faizal who only recently came to KL from Muar to secure a job. This news was shared through the Kechara Soup Kitchen Twitter page, a non-government organisation that aims to provide basic sustenance & medical care for the homeless & urban poor in Malaysia.

Faizal left his family behind solely because he had the responsibility to ensure that there will be food and other necessities for his family. He stayed in KL homeless and jobless for three weeks. One day he turned on his phone, the one he couldn’t leave switched on the whole time as he had nowhere to charge it, and he noticed a few messages and missed calls.

Source: Twitter

One of the messages was from his brother, notifying him that his mother had just passed away. Faizal had nowhere to go, and he didn’t have any money to go back to Muar to pay his respects to his mother one last time.

After a friend advised him to go down the street and find Kechara Soup Kitchen to seek help, he was finally assisted by the staffs. The staffs took him to the bus station and purchased a ticket for the next bus to Muar so that he could go back to his family at such a difficult time.

Faizal expressed his gratitude to Kechara for helping him and took the bus to Muar on 12th January. Netizens decided to react in a very heart-warming way, and some even promised to secure a job for him, while others expressed their fear of getting the same message while being away from their families and shared their gratitude towards Kechara.

Well, whatever happens next, we can rest assured that kindness still exists within Malaysians and that there is a rainbow around every corner for everyone.

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