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JPN: Over 1 Million MyKad Missing Since 2016, Nearly 80% Lost Due to Careless Owners



JPN: Over 1 Million MyKads Missing Since 2016, 80% of Them Lost Due to Careless Owners - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Berita Harian & Beetify

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It looks like many Malaysians have not been very good at keeping their identity cards safe. This is because a recent report revealed that the number of MyKads missing due to carelessness is the highest amongst other reasons like criminal cases and natural disasters.  

Malaysiakini reported that 820,858 from 1,076,224 MyKads were reported missing due to carelessness, according to the National Registration Department (JPN, Jabatan Pendaftaraan Negara). That’s such a large number! 

Source: Malaysiakini

This figure was revealed by JPN deputy director-general (Operations) Jasri Kasim who based the figures from JPN’s statistics from 2016 until August 2018. Besides that, Jasri also added that 242,863 MyKad were lost due to criminal cases and 12,503 were reported lost during a natural disaster.

He was quoted as saying,

“MyKad owners should be aware of the importance of the personal document to them and raising the fine has made them more careful with their identity card.”

He’s right, we all should be a little more careful with our identity cards. 

Source: Beetify

According to Jasri, the fine for losing the MyKad set since October 2015 are as shown below:

  • First time: RM100
  • Second time: RM200
  • Third time: RM300

Though he quoted the abovementioned prices, a quick check on the JPN website shows that the processing fees for missing MyKads including application fees are as follows:

  • First time: RM110
  • Second time: RM310
  • Third time and subsequent: RM1,010

Adding on, Jasri said that JPN will conduct a thorough investigation on people who lose their MyKad for the third time. These cases will be investigated within 90 days before a new MyKad is issued.

Source: FMT

On the other hand, Jasri shared that those who lose their identity cards due to criminal cases and natural disasters will be exempted from paying a fine and will only be required to pay RM10 for the application fee. This exemption also applies to disabled people and people under the age of 18.

Finally, he noted that, as of 31 August 2018, there are 114,215 new MyKad that haven’t been claimed. He continued,

“Unclaimed MyKad will be kept for 36 months by JPN and if they were not claimed after the period, the MyKad would be disposed from the system as well as the physical card.”

Go and collect your MyKad if you haven’t collected it! 

With that said, do keep in mind that we should always take good care of our MyKad because if we lose them, we could end up paying a lot to get another one. Also, we wouldn’t want it fall into the wrong hands, right? 


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