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“Kak, is this real?” M’sian Gives RM1k Tip For FoodPanda Rider, Asks Him To Pray For Her To Conceive



Source: HeadTopics & Muhammad Faris Faizul

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Food delivery riders may very well be some of the most hardworking people in Malaysia. They brave through heavy rains, the heat and the pandemic to make sure we get fed.

This is why it’s amazing to see how some customers are rewarding riders as they deserve.

Muhammad Faris Faizul took to the FoodPanda Rider Malaysia Facebook group to showcase how a customer had given him a tip of RM1,000 in cash, after delivering her meal.

He wrote, “My rezeki this evening (21 February), I was so shocked I even jumped off my motorbike. Touched and saddened but also grateful and happy because I wasn’t expecting the large amount given, as customers often give tips in such envelopes. It’s just that this time, I was shocked when I opened the envelope.”

It all started when the customer told him to leave her meal on the table outside her house, and to take the envelope that she had left there.

“Brother, just come in through the gate later when you arrive and leave the meal on the white table. And then, lift up the plate that’s on the white table, there’s an envelope, do take it. Thank you,” the customer wrote.

He followed her instructions and were baffled by the large tip she had left for him in the envelope, a whopping RM1,000.

“Sister, is this real? You’re not playing around? Because there’s RM1,000 in here,” he responded to her.

She shared that the tip was, indeed, real and to pray for her so that she gets a child.

“Yes, brother. It is your rezeki. Pray for me to get a child and share it (the tip) with your friends, okay? Tell them to pray for me so that I can conceive a child quickly,” she said.

It’s so amazing to see how the customer shared her livelihood, in the form of a large tip, with hardworking food delivery riders, and we can only hope that karma works her magic in this case.

“I request for all my rider friends to pray for her to quickly conceive an offspring,” Muhammad Faris ended his post.

We’ll definitely pray for her too.

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