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KFC Releases The Ultimate ‘Chicken Bouquet’ For Couples This Valentines Day



Impress Your Date With A KFC Chicken Bouquet This Valentines Day - World Of Buzz 3

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Flower bouquets are sweet, but chicken bouquets are even better. Ever heard of the phrase, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’? Well, that applies for all genders.

KFC just recently announced that they’re releasing practically the best Valentines gift ever. And that is… the chicken bouquet!

Source: Daily Mail

Ugh, I’m so hungry right now…

The KFC in New Zealand created this amazing gift as a prize for their competition, Daily Mail reported. It is being run on their Facebook page and 20 lucky winners can bring this bouquet home to their beloved. Why isn’t the KFC in Malaysia as cool as theirs???

KFC Releases The Ultimate 'Chicken Bouquet' For Couples This Valentines Day - World Of Buzz

This amazing bundle of chicken is made up of popcorn chicken, crispy strips and drumsticks.

Thousands of Kiwis poured into the comments section to tell their love story. And the best part is, KFC’s choice of winners were so diverse.

One lady wanted give her husband the bouquet as a delicious take-away dinner. Apparently, her child was stuck in the hospital and this would have been a great meal to have together in the hospital.

Source: Daily Mail

Another winner wrote about how their love bloomed thanks to KFC.

“Fried chicken is how my fiance and I bonded when we first met and we continue to use KFC as our special date nights.”

“Flowers are fun, but food is a much better idea for two blokes sharing their love for each other as well as their love for all things fried and chicken.

Source: Daily Mail

Unfortunately for Malaysians (and the rest of the world), this competition is only for people living in New Zealand. Even the winners have to self-collect the bouquets from Quay St store in Auckland only.

But isn’t this a great idea for you guys to impress your date?

Just a few weeks ago, a guy from the Philippines did exactly that for his girlfriend. He used chicken nuggets to make his very own chicken bouquet for his girlfriend, Next Shark reported.

What are you waiting for? Go make your own bouquet of fried chicken now!

If you’re looking for something more exclusive but at a much affordable rate, TGV is cooking up the greatest Valentine’s plan ONLY on 14th February. They even have a 5-course-meal for two man!! For more info, check them out here!

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