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Kidnapped, Killed & Buried: Cops Find Bones of 5 Murder Victims in N. Sembilan Jungle



Source: Berita Harian

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Looks like more and more people are losing their humanity! 

Yesterday (11 April 2018), police found fragments of human bones in a jungle near a temple in Batu 8, Jalan Sungai Gadut reported Berita Harian. It is believed that the victims were kidnapped, brutally murdered and buried.

This discovery was made when the police got some information from suspects, who are allegedly members of 34 secret society, who were arrested two weeks ago during a special operation under the code name “Ops Hoben 1/2018” by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Led by some of the gang members, the police managed to locate the spots where the victims were buried. Hence, with the help of the Forensics and the K9 Force, they dug up the two graves that contained human bones.

It is also believed that the bone fragments belonged to the five victims that the gang had murdered separately in the past three years. Whoa! 

Negeri Sembilan’s chief police, Datuk Noor Azam Jamaludin confirmed the findings and assured that the bones had been sent to the Chemical Department for further analysis.

“The police can only know the victims’ identities after the analysis is completed, and we also have to check the missing person records to find the victims’ next of kin.”

“After that, the Forensic Department will take DNA samples from the victims’ family to see if they match,” he said.

However, according to Berita Harian, Noor Azam didn’t want to comment further on the case because the police’s investigation is still ongoing.

Meanwhile, a 45-year-old lady said that her eldest son had been missing for four years and that she still can’t trace him up until now. Oh my, that’s a very long time!

“I certainly hope that it is not my son’s bones,” said the lady.

She added that she knew about the findings through a relative. Thus, she immediately rushed to the location to seek confirmation and further information about the situation from the police.

“A relative called and told me that the police had found human bones buried in the jungle. I felt very restless.”

“So, my daughter and I went to the location to get some information. However, the police said that they have yet to confirm whether the bones belong to my son as they need to conduct a DNA test first,” she said.

The mother of four further explained that in February 2014, her 23-year-old son was “arrested by the police” in Senawang at a friend’s house.

“A man who claimed to be a police officer arrested my child and brought him away in a car. Later, I went to the police station but there were no records of him being arrested,” she said.

Right now, the lady has agreed to work with the police should they call her in for a DNA test.

Well, let’s hope the police are able to get to the bottom of this case quick and prosecute the murderers!


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