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Kind Food Delivery Riders Help Babysit Hawker’s Son So She Can Complete Her Orders In Time



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For some female business owners, it isn’t easy to have to split your responsibilities between being a parent and running your own enterprise. This is especially true for those who operate their own food stalls and have infant or young children.

As such, some of them wind up having to bring their kids to their stalls to keep a close eye on them, all while they work tirelessly to serve their customers. But thankfully for one dumpling stall owner in Thailand, she managed to run into two very helpful GrabFood riders, who took on the responsibility of babysitting her son while she worked!

The incident happened after the stall owner, who was working to complete her orders in time for the delivery riders, had trouble keeping up as her son was crying and making a fuss. Her husband was out at the time, and couldn’t help her.

“My husband isn’t around and my son has been crying and making a fuss. Thank you so much for your help. Without it, I wouldn’t have completed the orders on time.” she wrote.

But luckily, as two GrabFood riders arrived, they noticed how she was struggling between taking care of her child and cooking, and decided to lend her a hand. Literally! Scooping up the young boy into his arms, one of the GrabFood delivery riders helped babysit the child with the help of his colleague. How adorable is that!

As a gesture of kindness, she even gave them both a packed meal of dumplings to show her appreciation! The post, which has caught the eye of many netizens, garnered a lot of praise for both GrabFood riders for showing such kindness to the female hawker.

Which goes to show that when it comes to kindness, a little really does go a long way! 


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Source: Grab Korat

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