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Kind-Hearted Man Helped Over 100 Handicapped Dogs Walk Again By Building Them Wheelchairs



Kind-Hearted Man Helped Over 100 Handicapped Dogs Walk Again By Building Them Wheelchairs - WORLD OF BUZZ
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In light of the amount of news we often hear about animals being abused, one might almost think that humans seem to be unable to extend any compassion for our four-legged friends. And the statistics seem to indicate that, with a 30% marked increase of animal cruelty.

But thankfully, you’ll be glad to know that good people still exist in this world. Good folks like this man, who according to a viral Facebook post, makes it his life’s work to build DIY wheelchairs for handicapped dogs so that they can regain their mobility!

Source: Facebook

This heart-warming case centers around a soldier in Thailand who goes by the name of Werachat “Chat” Sirisor, or also known as Jaa Chat to those who know him well. Living in the Sam Ngao District of the Tak province, Jaa Chat had been working as a soldier for over 8 years, and has been kind enough to help out his fellow villagers by bringing them medicine, clothes, bed sheets and whatever else they may need. 

As such, many who live in his village have dubbed him as the “saint of the valley”, due to his compassion and generosity.

Source: Facebook

But if you think that’s all he does, you would be even more surprised to know that Jaa Chat also spends his free time helping out animals too! Yup, in his time off, he builds DIY wheelchairs out of plastic pipes, harnesses and wheels for dogs who have lost their legs, allowing them to regain mobility. 

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Given how low the cost of materials are for Jaa Chat, he can make many different versions of these wheelchairs to suit the needs of each dog he helps. In an interview with Dailynews, Jaa Chat says he helps these animals because:

“They used to run and enjoy their life, but with a disability, they can feel stressed as they’re not able to enjoy or even eat anymore.” and adds that “Even if my wheelchairs can’t make them run again, it will still allow them to walk around without pain.”

“Plus, their hearts and emotions will feel better.”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The best part is, he doesn’t just help strays. If any locals have animals that they need help with getting prosthetics like these fitted, he’s more than willing to help. All they need to do is just contact him!

If you wish to keep up to date with the charitable efforts he does, or perhaps like to contribute, you may find out more information on his Facebook page here.

We have to say, reading that story really gave us more hope for humanity. We hope that Mr Jaa Chat continues to do good for his local community, and that more people will follow suit! The world can do with a little more kindness! 


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