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“Never drank boba tea because too expensive” – Delivery Rider’s Response Instantly Humbled Malaysians



Source: Lobak Merah || For Illustration Purposes Only || & Rice Bowl

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One good deed deserves another.

As much as the bubble tea craze is gradually seeing its slow decline in Malaysia, many of us have had the privilege of indulging in one too many of these addictive, sugar-filled drinks. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky. Recently, a netizen took to Twitter to share the humbling experience of meeting a food delivery rider who’s never had a taste of bubble tea in his life! 

In the thread, the netizen said she came close to tears after sharing a conversation with a rider. “Just now I ordered KFC from the rider and decided to order Tealive as well. I ordered an extra one to belanja the rider and told him, “order whatever you want, I’ll pay for it.” 

However, the kind netizen didn’t expect the rider’s reply. “Akak, em sorry but I don’t know how to order myself. I’ve never ordered drinks like these because they’re so expensive. I’ve only been helping customers make their order.

“Is it ok if I just get the same order as you? Thank you for the belanja,” said the rider humbly.

The touched netizen then went on to say, “All this time, he must’ve wanted it but was never able to afford it. May God bless him and help his financial situation.”

It really puts into perspective how such a drink is considered luxury for others. Many expressed how humbled they are at his reply.


Getting instant karma for her good deed

But just as one good deed deserves another, the generous netizen was rewarded for her kindness.

She updated the thread a day later to share what happened to her, “I have a restaurant business but we’ve been down since MCO”.

However, after her act of kindness yesterday, the netizen received an influx of non-stop orders from customers! She proceeded to share screenshots of big orders, “out of a sudden, orders like these are coming in from customers. Truly, God provides more than us,” said the netizen with a heart full of gratitude.

This good fortune is certainly well deserved! We hope this netizen’s story inspires you to spread the love and kindness even amidst this troubling season. 


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Source: Rice Bowl

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