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Kind Mechanic Rescued Adorable 9-Week-Old Kitten Trapped Under Car for Free



Source: Facebook

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If you needed a feel-good story, here’s one for you.

A man from Kentucky, US, found a kitten stuck at the bottom of his Honda Accord while he was on the road.

According to Oriental Daily, he noticed that his car engine sounded weird before departing, but proceeded to drive for 50km before pulling over at a mechanic to inspect the engine.

It turns out that the kitten was trapped in a hole in the subframe, unable to escape. Ouch, that sounds absolutely painful!

Source: Facebook

Flustered and panicky, the kitten’s head and right front paw were seen to be peeking out of the frame.

Source: Facebook

After an entire hour of removal using soap, the kitten was finally rescued. Despite it (and the men) being exhausted, it was beyond grateful to be alive.

Without wasting any time, the mechanic took the kitten to the vet for a checkup. Thankfully, the 9-week-old kitten was considered healthy, except for some scratches and worm issues.

Source: Facebook

Since no microchip was found in her, they decided to put her up for adoption, and before they knew it, a couple decided to adopt the adorable kitty and give her a brand new life!

The man offered to pay the mechanic for the work done, but the kind mechanic refused.

What’s even cuter is that the kitten was given a name — Marigold!

Source: Facebook

Aww! What a sweet, precious girl she is!

This story was initially shared in a Facebook post by the mechanic who helped free Marigold. Kudos to him for saving this poor kitten.

And guys, it’s essential to check your underneath your car before starting it because it could kill the cats who are sleeping there. Give your car a tiny slam or honk to scare them away!

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