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Kind M’sian Man Rescues Newborn Puppy From Drowning In A Storm Drain & Reunites It With The Mother



Source: @arif_fiego

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Helping a stray in need can be very rewarding, but you don’t have to take it from us.

Take it from @arif_fiego (Arif), an ex-cabin crew member turned food entrepreneur who took to his Instagram account to showcase how he saved a little puppy from drowning in a storm drain.

He wrote, “I saw this mother dog by the side of a ditch making sad, heartbreaking sounds. When I looked into the ditch, it was her newborn baby as its eyes weren’t opened yet. As a servant of Allah who is endowed with thoughts and feelings of love for animals, I immediately ran to grab something to help get the puppy out. Luckily, the @kantin_pramugara kitchen was nearby enough for me to grab a dustpan.”

He immediately put his training as a cabin crew member into good use.

“In the principle of a crew member, we have been trained to always be prepared for the unexpected. Although I cannot apply this above the clouds, at least I can do it on land and save the life of a puppy that almost drowned,” he added.

In the video, Arif could be seen lying next to the drain, while he held the dustpan into the drain in an effort to scoop up the puppy. After trying for a while, he manages to save the poor little puppy before it drowned.

Not only did he get the puppy out of the drain but also took some precautionary steps by rubbing the puppy to make sure it was okay.

After ensuring that the puppy is okay, he ensured that it was reunited with its mother.

Many praised Arif for his efforts but there were also people who called him out for not jumping into the drain and for recording the incident instead of immediately helping.

He assured them that it would have been a lot more dangerous if he would have jumped in as he could have easily injured himself and the puppy.

“While I went to take the dustpan and gloves, my wife was waiting and checking on the puppy. Considering the water current in the ditch was strong and the puppy is so small, it could have easily disappeared out of sight,” he added in regards to the recording.

What is most important is the fact that the effort was made to save the puppy and that it is reunited with its mother thanks to Arif. We genuinely need more people like him who care for the well-beings of helpless strays on our streets.

Kudos, Arif!

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