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Kind M’sians Rally Together to Pay for Woman’s Groceries After Rude Husband Left Her Stranded



Kind M'sians Pay Mum's Bills After Husband Scolds Her For Buying Groceries To Feed Their Kids - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: FreeMalaysiaToday &Shutterstock

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Marriage is a partnership, or specifically, it’s an equal partnership. Going into a marriage, you can’t expect just one person to shoulder all responsibilities. Also, it’s 2020! Conforming to traditional gender roles or being sexist is simply NOT OK! If you’re a man who expects your wife to cook, clean and take care of the children all by herself, boy, have you got it wrong. This man who decided to demonstrate his “authority” over his wife, learned his lesson the hard way.

Facebook user Khairul Hakimin Muhammad posted regarding an incident that happened in his local hypermarket between a husband a wife that will surely make your blood boil.  A wife who asked her husband if he would help her hold their baby for a mere five minutes while she went and got some missing groceries got yelled at instead.

“I’m working so hard and giving you money, am I supposed to take care of the kids as well?!”

The statement just sounds as if he played no part in having the kids at all. The husband was still yelling and scolding his wife and kids throughout the time they were queuing to pay for their groceries. At one point, he asked her if she was satisfied getting all the stuff she wanted to buy. She replied to him saying that the things are all for the house. Then, the husband proceeded to tell his wife to SHUT UP! Now, this is where our first hero comes in in the form of a makcik who laid some hard truths.

“I’ve been watching you from just now. Don’t think that just because you’re married, you can treat your wife like this. If you were my son-in law, I would’ve taught you a fine lesson. You think women should be treated like that?!”

Not done with the truth bombs, she even proceeded to tell the wife that she should not listen to her husband aimlessly and how men like him don’t even deserve to be respected in the first place. The husband quickly took the stroller, with their toddler and left the store in a huff. When the wife went to the counter to pay, she cried asking if she could cancel the groceries as her husband was holding all the money. This is where our second heroes come in. The kind people standing behind her who witnessed the humiliating scene decided to chip in and paid for her groceries.

The best part? They all helped her to bring the things to the car where the husband was waiting. They told him that they had helped to pay the bill as he had left his wife stranded there without thinking of her feelings. Upon hearing this, the rude husband was overcome with guilt and his expression changed. Khairul ended his post by saying that while it felt good to be a hero once in a while, the fate of the wife and all the other wives who have to suffer from such misogynistic men is saddening indeed.

Ladies, remember that you never have to suffer in an unhappy marriage especially with men who think you’re lesser than them!


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