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Kind Pet Store Owner In Ampang Cages, Feeds & Cares For Street Cats While They Await Adoption



Source: Sangkar Kucing/Haiwan Murah

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It’s no secret that stray animals have it hard, but what’s harder is getting people to adopt instead of shop for pets.

But thankfully, there are pet stores out there who are willing to help out with the initiative of shelters.

The Sangkar Kucing/Haiwan Murah Facebook page took to their profile to showcase a pet store in Ampang who are keeping stray cats in cages in front of their store and feeding them, in an effort to get passerbys to adopt them.

Ada sebuah kedai haiwan di Taman Watan, Ampang. Saya terpandang beberapa sangkar kucing di luar dgn hanya kucing kampung…

Posted by Sangkar Kucing / Haiwan Murah on Selasa, 22 September 2020

They wrote, “There is a pet shop in Taman Watan, Ampang. I noticed a few cages outside with street cats and one cat with thick fur in the cages. At first I thought, why are they even selling these normal street cats? I felt like buying and freeing them, and asked them how much. The store owner immediately answered that the cats were not for sale. They were all up for adoption, or given for free to anyone who is interested.”

The best part is that these poor street cats are being well taken care of by the pet store owner while they await a forever home.

“These cats are given enough to eat and are not left in the cages just like that. I found it so interesting that the store owner is willing to take care of them while waiting for them to be adopted. It just that certain time constraints have caused the cats to not be allowed to roam freely. I rarely find pet stores that take care of cats for adoption. Most of them only want to sell expensive breeds of cats while this shop cares for street cats that are looked down upon by most people.”

It’s honestly, truly amazing to see pet store owners taking the initiative to care for the well-being of stray cats, putting them up for adoption and generally, promoting adoption culture.

Anyone interested in adopting these lovable street cats can head on over to Taman Watan.

We wish this store owner nothing but the best!


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