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KKM Warns Of Side Effects Of Letting Kids Use Smartphones & Tablets For Too Long



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Many parents are resorting to giving their young children electronic devices to help distract them when there’s work to be done and many of them also know that relying a little too much on hand-phones and tablets are bad for their children’s health.

Thankfully, the Ministry of Health Malaysia took to time to properly showcase the different health risks that happens to kids’ eyes when they’re allowed too much screen time.

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Posted by KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA on Ahad, 13 September 2020

They wrote, “The use of gadgets for a long amount of time can affect the nerves in the eye or the whole eyeball. This can also cause our eyeballs to become very dry, apart from interference in vision. Our little ones who often use gadgets such as smartphones or tablets without supervision will get these side effects as they get older. It’s completely fine to allow children and even ourselves to use these gadgets but the period of use should be monitored.”

Here are just some of the side effects they shared,

  • Blurred vision

A severe decrease in vision level that can cause headaches and double vision.

  • Dry eyes

The seating position of the child while using devices that are unsuitable can cause dry eye problems, tired eyes and pain to the shoulders and neck.

  • Eye nerve damage

Caused due to the exposure to blue light from gadget display screens. If UV rays can be filtered by the cornea, crystalline lenses in blue light can penetrate up to the level of the eye nerves.

  • Increased myopia (Short-sightedness)

The use of gadgets will also cause eyeball stretching to occur when the accommodation process takes place at the same time.

Hence, using smartphones and tablets as a distraction can be allowed but it should be limited and monitored so that your kids don’t end up with really bad eyes as they grow!

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Source: Kidscreen

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