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Koala Suffers Burns On Back & Ears While Protecting Her Child From Bushfire, & It’s Breaking Our Hearts



Photo of Koala Suffering Burns On Her Body & Ears While Protecting Her Child From Bushfire Goes Viral - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook / The Straits TImes

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This is heartbreaking! 

Forest fires have been thriving lately (especially in the Amazon and Kalimantan) due to hot weather and selfish people. As a result of this epidemic, animals are now in a sad state as they lose their homes to these fires. Recently, a picture of a momma koala hugging her joey after she shielded it from the bushfire (at this point the fire had subsided) went viral.

Astro Awani wrote that the duo was found by the authorities in Canungra, Gold Coast, Australia on 6th September 2019. While the joey was unharmed, the mother suffered burns on the back of her body and ears. Peter Waugh was quoted as saying,

“Everything was destroyed around them. The mother hugged the child as if it was protecting it.”

Right now, the duo has been brought to Queensland wildlife centre, and they are receiving treatment from them. Currently, they are in stable condition.

This koala mum and her joey were rescued last night by Jimboomba Police and Wildcare volunteers in the Gold Coast…

Posted by Wildcare Australia Inc. on Friday, September 6, 2019

 Lately, there has been a bushfire – which normally happens when the weather gets too hot – in Canungra and several other places in Queensland. Damn.

The wildfire has caused 17 families to lose to their homes and even though the situation is under control now, the authorities have yet to grant permission for people to return to their homes. Hopefully, they will be allowed to return home as soon as possible!

We’re grateful that the momma koala and her joey are doing fine now; we applaud the authorities for rescuing them and treating them back to health.


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