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Krispy Kreme Thailand is Selling Salted Egg Doughnuts at RM17 a Box, & We Want Some!



Source: Facebook&KrispyKremeThailand

Boba, boba, boba – are we ever truly over boba? Some trends just never die, because we’re still obsessed with salted egg-everything. Salted egg chicken, prawn, chips, mooncakes, and to add to our list of cravings, there are now salted egg doughnuts. Yes, you heard that right.

According to The Smart Local, Krispy Kreme Thailand has just launched Salted Egg Doughnut Bites with an extremely juicy lava filling that will explode in your mouth.

Source: Facebook

It’s kinda cute as they’re bite-sized and come in a box of eight at ฿129 (RM17) per box. Imagine that, the deliciousness of the classic Krispy Kreme doughnut added with a local favourite flavour.

Source: Instagram

Apparently, the salted egg filling is not too sweet or too salty! There’s also a sugar glaze covering the doughnut so that the rich taste of salted egg yolk doesn’t overpower you. This actually looks like it COULD be the perfect dessert whether you’re a sweet tooth or not!

What do you think? Personally, we’re extremely curious, but unfortunately, we have no budget to go Thailand! Would you want to try it or is it a do-not?


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